Pitch Lab Ladies – Lady Pitch Night

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  • Posted: avril 2, 2015


On 31 March 2015, we officially announced the launch of Girls in Tech (GIT) Morocco. The announcement took place on Pitch Lab event, organized by New Work Lab in Casablanca.

The highlight of the evening was the Pitch session, during which we could witness the pitches of five impressive and talented female entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the audience was invited to play the game of “Mission Possible”, guided by a presentation:

  • the first mission consisted starting to follow the relevant social media sites of GIT Morocco. Everybody participated in the game and community membership numbers skyrocketed – thanks for this, ladies!
  • the second mission was to increase the number of volunteers for our upcoming GIT event that will occur in April, 2015 – look forward to seeing you all there!
  • the third mission was to foster the idea of becoming a mentor of outstanding female entrepreneurs in the field of technology and entrepreneurship, and publishing articles of success stories.

We have received already a lot of requests on “how to join” or become a volunteer in the organization – please don’t be shy to contact us with all your questions and ideas.

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